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Tooth Infection

Any type of tooth infection causes such severe pain there is no denying that something is very wrong with your oral health. If you have pain in your mouth, jaw, or teeth, it could be the sign of a dental abscess or infected tooth root. At Healdsburg Dental Spa in Healdsburg, CA, we manage dental emergencies efficiently and gently so you can be freed from pain right away and have your oral health fully restored.

The Dangers of a Dental Abscess

tooth infection

A dental abscess begins in the tooth pulp and travels to the tooth root. The bacteria behind this tooth infection cause it to multiply and spread, but the consequences do not just stay within the tooth. A swollen, pus-filled area known as an abscess also forms along the gumline. This build-up under the red, tender gumline is a serious dental condition and a threat to overall health.

  • The most common cause of a dental abscess is untreated tooth decay.
  • Sometimes a mouth injury or deteriorating dental work can cause an abscess if foreign particles are allowed to enter the tooth.
  • An abscess is filled with bacteria, so if it ruptures on its own or you pop it yourself, the infection will move throughout your entire system.
  • Physical symptoms of an abscess in the mouth are obvious but they can also be accompanied by fever, sensitivity, chills, bad breath, or loose teeth.

Ideally, you will see your emergency dentist to have the abscess drained carefully to prevent the infection from spreading to the jaw, neck, head, or the rest of your body.

Treatment for a Dental Abscess

A dental abscess does not go away on its own. You can’t hang in there and hope the pain will disappear. Acting immediately and getting help from your Healdsburg emergency dentist is critical to stop the pain and prevent the problem from spreading.

Your dentist will drain the abscess and give you a course of antibiotics to take too. Then you must wait for the wound to heal before the damage can be corrected. The severity of the abscess will impact what dental treatments you may need. They could include the following:

  • Root canal therapy: When a tooth infection starts within a tooth, root canal therapy is typically necessary to clean out the bacteria to prevent further infection.
  • Tooth-colored filling: A small abscess that is caused by tooth decay may only require a tooth-colored filling to fix the damage.
  • Tooth extraction: Extraction is always a last resort but if no other treatment can save the tooth and the pain and tooth infection are too great, this procedure is necessary.

Signs of a Deep Tooth Infection

Some tooth infections do not cause an abscess, but there is enough trouble going on to warrant the need for root canal therapy. Most people cringe at the thought of needing this procedure, but root canal therapy is effective, relieves pain, and saves your tooth.

Every tooth is made of a root canal that contains soft tissue, blood vessels, and nerves and, together, they make the dental pulp. Severe tooth decay or mouth trauma can damage the pulp and this is not a problem that you ever want to leave untreated.

You’ll know you are dealing with a deep tooth infection and should contact your emergency dentist if you have any of the following symptoms:

    • Extreme pain when chewing
    • Severe pain when putting pressure on the tooth
    • Extended sensitivity to heat or cold
    • Swollen or tender gums
    • Discolored tooth

When root canal therapy is done, your pain will stop and the problem will disappear. The treated tooth is usually capped by a dental crown to protect it from developing additional infections.

Get Emergency Dentistry for a Tooth Infection

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain or have an abscess, contact Healdsburg Dental Spa immediately to schedule an emergency dental appointment and eliminate your discomfort right away.

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