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Same-Day Tooth Extraction

The thought of having a tooth pulled can be daunting and scary, but it’s important to know that getting rid of a damaged or infected tooth is sometimes the only way to preserve your oral health and protect the rest of your teeth. At Healdsburg Dental Spa in Healdsburg, CA, Dr. Tam and her team carefully consider all restorative dentistry options first and only pursue a same-day tooth extraction when absolutely necessary.

Reasons You May Need a Same-Day Tooth Extraction

same-day tooth extraction

Your dentist will consider multiple dental restorations before resorting to tooth extraction, including treatments like root canal therapy, tooth-colored fillings, and porcelain crowns. If these procedures cannot correct the emergency you’re experiencing, same-day tooth extraction will likely be the only answer.

Tooth extraction can provide immediate relief for many problems:

  • Infected tooth
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Fractured tooth root
  • Jaw trauma
  • Abscess
  • Impacted wisdom tooth

A same-day tooth extraction is an important and necessary procedure – a lifesaver for many. You do not want to leave any decayed, diseased, or damaged teeth in your mouth for too long. The consequences will be painful and far reaching and could affect overall health and wellness, not only oral health.

The Same-Day Tooth Extraction Procedure

Same-day tooth extraction is a routine procedure, but it does take time. If you’re envisioning a pair of pliers and one good yank, think again. These aren’t baby teeth. Every adult tooth has a fully established root system that needs to be removed along with the crown of the tooth. Even if your problem tooth is damaged, decayed, or loose, much of it may still be lodged in the socket.

Your dentist will meticulously remove each piece of the tooth and not leave one bit behind. Here is how tooth extraction typically proceeds:

  • Numb: A local anesthesia and numbing agent are necessary to ensure the patient does not feel discomfort during the extraction. There will still be pressure and noises that can be disturbing to more sensitive patients so be sure to ask your dentist about additional sedation options.
  • Remove: To remove the tooth fully from its socket, it must be rocked back and forth until it separates fully from the ligament.
  • Clean: The socket is washed thoroughly to remove any remaining tissues and tooth particles. The area is carefully inspected to ensure that nothing is left behind.
  • Close: The extraction site is closed and prepared, as needed, for future dental restorations.
  • Care: Detailed aftercare instructions are provided to facilitate healing and prevent any complications from arising.

Replacing an Extracted Tooth

A same-day tooth extraction is a safe and painless procedure. The biggest hurdle is a mental hurdle, when you get to your dentist and realize that the oral health problem you’re experiencing requires a same-day extraction. It’s normal to be scared about the thought of losing a tooth right then and there, but know this: Your Healdsburg dentist does not extract any tooth without good reason.

Natural teeth are the best teeth, the most durable and attractive, but accidents happen, infections develop, and problems arise that create a need for tooth extraction. But do keep in mind that some same-day tooth extractions don’t need to be replaced, like wisdom teeth. It’s good to have an expert nearby who can help immediately and provide a restoration for the missing tooth later to complete your smile. A dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture are all viable options.

Get a Same-Day Tooth Extraction from Your Healdsburg Dentist

If you have severe tooth pain or damage to your mouth, contact Healdsburg Dental Spa in Healdsburg, CA immediately. Whether you need a same-day tooth extraction or not, we are here to take care of your emergency dental needs.

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