Toothache Relief Begins By Diagnosing The Source Of Your Dental Pain
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Toothache Pain Relief

There is no mistaking toothache pain. That throbbing, constant discomfort is impossible to ignore. The only way to get true toothache relief is from your dentist, but you must reach out and ask for help. Don’t try to wait out the problem or hope it will go away on its own. It won’t. At Healdsburg Dental Spa in Healdsburg, CA, we are prepared to deliver the dental care you need to get toothache relief.
toothache relief

Causes of a Toothache

Administering toothache relief begins by diagnosing the source of the pain, and there are many possible things that could be going on in your mouth.
  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay is one of the most common culprits when it comes to tooth pain. Relatively new or small cavities, though, do not usually cause any discomfort. If you have a toothache, there is a good chance a cavity has grown large.
  • Infected pulp: An inflamed or infected pulp of the tooth can cause severe pain. This problem is often caused by deep tooth decay or a cracked tooth that allowed bacteria into the tooth.
  • Gum recession: In a condition known as dental hypersensitivity, receding gums that reveal the inner layer of the tooth can result in a sharp pain that gets worse when the exposed tooth is touched by hot or cold foods or beverages.
  • Gum disease: Gum disease causes all sorts of pain. It may not necessarily be a toothache, but it could be. More likely, you are experiencing discomfort because of the infection attacking your gums and spreading pain throughout your mouth.
  • Impacted tooth: Tooth pain in the back of your mouth could be caused by impacted wisdom teeth. The teeth may be only partially erupted or may not be able to erupt because of how they are positioned. This condition not only causes pain, it can damage alignment and neighboring molars.

Dental Care That Offers Toothache Relief

Once you’re in the dentist’s chair and have your diagnosis, the next steps are to relieve you of the immediate discomfort you’re experiencing. If your pain is so severe that you require emergency dentistry or a same-day dental appointment, then your procedure will likely take place then and there. If your pain is mild but still making itself known, you can discuss how long it is safe to wait to fix the problem. Depending on your unique dental circumstances, you may find yourself undergoing one or more of the following treatments:
  • Tooth-colored filling: The biggest job of a tooth-colored filling is to fix areas of decay. If a tooth has a cavity, your dentist will clear it out and fill it with this composite material for a natural-looking repair that not only eliminates your pain but leaves no trace of dental restorations behind.
  • Root canal therapy: A pulp infection is treated by root canal therapy, which involves the cleaning out of the roots of the tooth and then filling the roots to prevent against further infection.
  • Porcelain crown: When a cavity is so large that the tooth will not be able to handle a filling, a porcelain crown can be used to cover the tooth once the decay has been removed. Crowns are also used in root canal therapy to cover the tooth after treatment so it is secure, safe, and free from further damage.
  • Extraction: If a wisdom tooth is impacted, causing serious pain, and threatening the rest of your teeth, it needs to be extracted. Sometimes, if a tooth is so decayed or infected that no treatment will adequately deliver toothache relief, it needs to be pulled.
  • Dental bonding: When you have pain from gum recession, the quickest way to reduce sensitivity and get relief is through desensitizing agents. Long-term solutions, however, can involve the placement of dental bonding, fillings, or sealants.

Get Immediate Toothache Relief in Healdsburg

Tooth pain is no joke. If you’re experiencing it, you’re miserable. A toothache needs dental intervention to go away. Don’t try to wait it out – the problem could get worse and even develop into the kind of infection that requires hospitalization. Get the help you need right away. Contact Healdsburg Dental Spa in  Healdsburg, CA for relief.    
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