Reasons You May Need a Same-Day Tooth Extraction

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No one wants a tooth pulled, but sometimes a same-day tooth extraction is necessary to save your oral health from serious damage and destruction and preserve your teeth and gums. What’s important is knowing that, no matter what’s going on with your problem tooth, your Healdsburg emergency dentist is prepared to handle it that very day, so you don’t have to suffer with pain, discomfort, and worry.

Tooth Extraction Is Not the First Solution

Your restorative dentist is prepared to do a same-day tooth extraction if necessary when you come in for an emergency dental visit, but that isn’t the first course of action. Other restorative dentistry treatments will always be considered first to see if they can correct the problem. Through root canal therapy, tooth-colored, fillings, porcelain crowns, and the like, some issues can be easily corrected.

But then there are emergencies when a same-day tooth extraction is the only right answer:

  • Tooth infection
  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Fractured tooth root
  • Jaw trauma
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Abscess

The Importance of a Same-Day Tooth Extraction

A same-day tooth extraction is a lifesaver for many people. You absolutely do not want to leave a diseased or infected tooth to fester in your mouth. Not only will the existing pain only get worse (it will never get better on its own), it is likely to spread and affect neighboring teeth so the problem becomes even bigger and more uncomfortable. Your oral health will be affected, but your overall health and wellness could be impacted too.

How a Same-Day Tooth Extraction Procedure Works

An emergency extraction is a routine procedure but it does take time and skill to carry out. It’s important to rely on your experienced Healdsburg dentist to take care of your oral health in this kind of circumstance.

It is important to keep in mind that adult teeth have fully established root systems. Even if a tooth is severely damaged, a section of it may still be fully in the socket and that requires meticulous removal skills to ensure that nothing is left behind.

  • The area is numbed
  • The tooth is rocked back and forth until it separates from the ligament.
  • The socket is washed thoroughly and carefully inspected.
  • The extraction site is closed and prepped for restorative dentistry in the future.

Unless you are having your wisdom teeth removed in an emergency, any tooth that is pulled from your mouth needs to be replaced to maintain the integrity and strength of your oral health. These restorative dentistry repairs usually take the form of dental implants, dental bridges, or even a partial denture.

Get a Same-Day Tooth Extraction in Healdsburg

Some people may avoid the dentist when they have a toothache or suspect they need a same-day tooth extraction. It’s normal to be nervous about these circumstances but waiting or avoiding is a sure route to bigger problems and greater pain.

If you are suffering with an oral health problem, contact Dr. Tam at Healdsburg Dental Spa in Healdsburg, CA, to schedule an emergency dental appointment.