Get Toothache Pain Relief Over the Holidays

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You’re about to put on a fancy outfit for a holiday party. You just bit into a delicious piece of cake. You are finally relaxing and binging your new favorite show. And then, boom – tooth pain. So severe it makes you double over. Many people try to wait it out, believe they can’t possibly have a dental emergency over the holidays, but it can and does happen. Get the toothache pain relief you need right away.

Accept That You Have a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are always inconvenient. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of opening gifts or sleeping soundly with sugarplums dancing above your head. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the office or out with friends. A dental emergency doesn’t care what’s going on in your life, it simply occurs – and then you are forced to deal with it.

The first key to getting toothache pain relief is to acknowledge that you have dental pain. Many people try to muscle through the pain because they simply don’t have time to fit in a dental visit during the busy holiday season. The reality is that if you don’t see your Healdsburg dentist sooner rather than later, you’ll end up there eventually anyway, in even greater pain and with more complex problems that take longer to repair.

If you have a toothache, jaw pain, or any other type of lingering discomfort in your teeth, gums, or mouth, call your dentist. She wants to hear from you so you don’t have to suffer any longer than necessary.

You Will Need Dental Care to Stop the Pain

You aren’t wasting your time by contacting your dentist for emergency dental care. If you have legitimate, unrelenting tooth pain, then you have an oral health problem that needs to be dealt with – it could be tooth decay, infected pulp, gum disease, or an impacted wisdom tooth. Your dentist will diagnose you quickly and you can expect to undergo one or more of the following procedures to get toothache pain relief:

  • Tooth-colored filling: If you have a cavity, this is an easy and speedy repair that removes decay, eliminates tooth pain right away, and leaves only a natural-looking dental restoration behind.
  • Root canal therapy: A severely infected tooth causes severe pain. Root canal therapy involves the cleaning out and filling of the roots to prevent further infections. This procedure is usually twofold and requires the placement of a customized porcelain crown later to complete the entire restoration.
  • Extraction: Pulling a tooth is everyone’s least favorite repair and your dentist’s last resort, but if no other restoration can fix the problem you’re experiencing, it must be done. The good news is the toothache pain relief will be immediate and the tooth can be replaced after the area heals. If it’s a wisdom tooth causing your pain, its removal is welcome and the tooth doesn’t need to be replaced.

Know That the You Will Get Toothache Pain Relief

No matter what the circumstances are, no matter what kind of pain you’re experiencing, you’ll walk out of your dentist’s office with the problem solved so you can go about your holidays without pain or worry.

Sure, no one wants to see their dentist over the holidays, but if you have a toothache we definitely want to see you right away. Contact Healdsburg Dental Spa if you have a dental emergency and find out if you need to see Dr. Tam today.