Avoid 4 Spooky Halloween Dental Emergencies

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Halloween doesn’t have to be spooky, creepy, or filled with damaged teeth. If you’re careful about what you eat and plan for a solid night, you can get through the holiday without any Halloween dental emergencies – and prevent yourself from spending November in the dentist’s office.

1. Lost Filling or Dental Crown

If you are tempted by every gummy, chewy candy available, you are in for a potentially damaging Halloween night – at least where your teeth are concerned. Twizzlers, gummy worms, fruit snacks, candy apples, and anything in that family can get stuck to your teeth and pull out a filling or crown. Eating one piece of licorice or caramel can do damage, and eating a whole bunch of your favorite chewy foods can cause bigger problems. Choose moderation – and a softer, kinder sweet, like chocolate.

2. Cracked or Broken Tooth

Are you a sucker for suckers? Lollipops are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to Halloween dental emergencies. Just licking a lollipop is no big deal, but it’s when the candy-eater gets impatient and bites down on that hard stuff that a tooth can suffer a crack or break. Jawbreakers and other hard candies are responsible for the same kind of damage. If you’re done with your hard candy, just spit out and throw it away before you’re tempted to take a bite.

3. Damaged Invisalign

It’s so important to keep up with brushing and flossing your teeth and cleaning your Invisalign aligners every day, but especially if you’re overdoing it on the candy. The last thing you want to do is get sugar and bacteria stuck in between trays and teeth and cause cavities. One of the biggest problems with Halloween and Invisalign is that so many people are tempted to just pop in a piece of candy for a snack without removing their aligners. Don’t do it. There’s a good change you could break or fracture your tray and impact the progress of your treatment. Always remove the aligners before any snack or meal.

4. Toothache

As we all know, Halloween isn’t just one night. Yes, the actual trick-or-treating is reserved for October 31, but the eating of holiday candy is all month long and then some. Even though most of the candies available can be purchased through the entire year, there’s something about this month that screams, “Must have candy now!” As a result, overindulgence is common – and if you don’t do it carefully or brush and floss your teeth daily you can end up with a serious toothache. This kind of pain won’t go away with the end of Halloween – you’ll need to see your Healdsburg dentist to correct whatever might be going on within your tooth.

Treatment in Healdsburg for Halloween Dental Emergencies

Kids might be the ones trick-or-treating, but grown-ups are digging into that candy too. Don’t be a casualty of Halloween dental emergencies. If you do have a dental problem, even if it’s on Halloween, contact Dr. Tam at Healdsburg Dental Spa in Healdsburg, CA, to explain what’s going on and find out if you need to be seen right away.