3 Ways to Get a Couples Smile Makeover

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Couples are together because they love each other, of course, but also because they have similar interests, concerns, beliefs, dreams, and goals. And, plenty of couples have the same idea about smile makeovers. In short, they both want a new smile and they may even want to achieve it in the same way. Only your Healdsburg dentist can tell you for sure what will work for your oral health, but here are just three ways you can get a couples smile makeover.

1. Get Whiter Smiles Together

Dingy teeth. Stained teeth. Discolored teeth. Yellow or brown or coffee-stained teeth. Whatever your complaint about the color of your tooth enamel, if you and your sweetie are whining about it together, then you would be well-served to do something about it together.

You may have even tried to pursue over-the-counter whitening options – toothpastes, gels, strips, and the like. Have they made a dent? Maybe. But those products are intended to remove surface stains. They can’t really make a long-lasting difference. Know what can? Professional teeth whitening.

The bleach your dentist uses is powerful, strong, and will make your teeth several shades whiter, in less than an hour. Instead of spending night after night trying to get the results you want at home, you and your significant other can devote 60 minutes to your dentist and walk out with whiter, brighter, flawless-looking smiles.

2. Straighten Your Teeth

Maybe your couple complaint is all about misalignment. You have a few teeth where food always gets stuck – it’s pesky and annoying. You have a few gaps that ruin the entire appearance of your smile. You wore braces as a teen but didn’t wear your retainer and your teeth shifted back to the wrong places. Whatever the reason for your less-than-straight teeth, there are options.

You can do the quick treatment with FASTBRACES®, patented, triangular-shaped braces that use heat power to move your teeth where they need to go. While many cases take about a year, some only require a few months of treatment.

Maybe your other half is interested in Invisalign. While you get your brackets, they can get nearly invisible trays that fit snugly to their teeth and shift their smile into completely alignment. Plus, they’ll enjoy the freedom of being able to remove their trays whenever they want. If you choose different treatments, this perk may cause a few little fights – don’t let it get in the way of your love, or the goal you share: straight, healthy teeth.

3. Fix the Little Nuisances

Every relationship has those few annoying issues that you just can’t stop bickering about. If your smile feels the same way, don’t despair. You and your partner can fix one problem tooth or annoying gap with small but effective dental restorations or cosmetic dentistry.

Customized porcelain crowns cover an entire tooth and can conceal unsightliness, whether a tooth is stained, short, misshapen, or otherwise. Tooth-colored fillings can do the same kind of working, building up a tooth, correcting a crack, or dealing with discoloration. And then there is dental bonding, the least invasive of all, which can fix whatever you dislike about the look of your tooth in no time at all.

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