3 Dental Emergencies That Aren’t as Bad as You Think

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No dental emergency is good – that’s a fact. However, the solutions for many dental emergencies end up being far less invasive, scary, or complicated than many people think. Here are just some of the dental emergencies that have simple, straightforward repairs if you contact your Healdsburg dentist right away for help.

1. Chipped Tooth

Often, a chipped tooth is a cosmetic problem more than anything, especially if you chip a front tooth or lose a superficial slice of your molar. This problem usually doesn’t hurt – it affects ego more than anything – and you may drag your feet about seeing a dentist unless the issue is super noticeable. Whether it’s obvious or not, though, you want to get that chipped tooth fixed stat.

The repair is easy and fast and may involve a tooth-colored filling, porcelain crown, dental bonding, or porcelain veneer. Every solution is color-matched to blend in with your tooth enamel and look natural while covering the damaged area. Just don’t leave the problem untended too long, so you don’t find yourself with a tooth that chips more and develops bigger issues that let in bacteria and plaque.

2. Lost Filling or Crown

A lost filling or crown is anxiety inducing but it’s usually not painful unless you don’t get a repair right away. Fillings and crowns are meant to last for decades but they can fail for all sorts of reasons, including teeth grinding, biting down wrong on something, or insufficient bonding. It’s unsightly to lose a large piece of a tooth, but it’s also a serious problem for your oral health to have your tooth’s inner workings exposed.

The solution for fixing this kind of dental emergency can vary. If you’ve sought out immediate help then you probably only need a replacement filling or crown and nothing more invasive because there hasn’t been time for bacteria to enter the tooth. Just remember that when a filling breaks it often takes more tooth structure along with it, so your former filling may now need a porcelain crown.

3. Damaged or Lost Invisalign® Tray

The last thing you want is for your Invisalign® treatment to get off track, but you may not want to tell your provider that something has happened to the tray you’re currently wearing. Always report damage or loss to your dentist. There are a few possible next steps to overcome the problem.

Sometimes, if you’re very close to changing to your next set of trays, your dentist may recommend that you move on to the next trays. The most important thing is to keep the treatment going and keep Invisalign® in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day. If you’re at the very start of a set of trays, your dentist may need to order replacements and, in the meantime, you may be instructed to return to your previous trays or go on to the next. Every case is different, but the thing you definitely don’t want to do is hesitate to report this problem – call your Healdsburg dentist right away to get guidance.

Contact Your Healdsburg Dentist in Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are inconvenient and often painful, but they are always fixable. No matter what happens with your teeth and gums, with your dental restorations or cosmetic dentistry, contact Dr. Tam at Healdsburg Dental Spa in Healdsburg, CA, for help.